Automation Solutions

We are Authorised Distributor of ZETA Corporation Korea, one of the leading manufacturer of equipment for the production of diagnostic test strips, biosensors, and biochips. Using our Core technological expertise, constant innovation and through customized designs, our machines have been mastered to meet the global expectations of exceptional performance and Reliability.


All laminator instruments are custom-made to accommodate the varying needs and specifications of each customer. While the main components and design remain the same, some fittings and devices can be modified or added as per the number of applied materials (types and sizes), lamination positions, and other production needs.


These robust and precise machines can print 2 dispensing lines (stripes) most commonly, and can extend up to 8 lines of simultaneous dispensing (as per customer’s need) with dispensing of lines, dots, or spray. These units are comprised of high-quality components which include reliable precision pumps with various dispensing tips (non-contact & contact) as well as an easy-to-use programmable touch screen panel.