Dip & Dry System is a fully-automatic roll to roll system developed for reagent treatment of membrane or other test materials (conjugate/sample pad). The system’s integral un-winder, dip tank, dry chambers, re-winder, and splitter (OAU-300 excluded) works continuously in unison to fulfill the entire dip & dry process.

The system works by dipping the *wide roll material into a dip tank where the material gets immersed in reagent. The now wet material travels through a series of individually temperature regulated drying chambers for effective drying process. Continuously, the dried material of the wide roll is cut and split into multiple narrow strips in which then gets re-wound onto individual reels to complete the process.

The finished treated roll is now ready for the next mfg. phase of lamination process. The entire process is done automatically and mechanically for maximum production efficiency and product quality.

*The standard OASI-300 is designed to process the full wide roll of 300mm width for maximum production output. For customers requiring less production output, the Dip & Dry system can be downsized (OASI-300M) to suit different production volume needs.

1) Automatic temperature control of reagent by built-in heater/cooler.
2) Automatic level control of reagent by pump and timer (or level sensor).
3) Automatic tension control for uniform payout tension of pad material.
1) Drying chamber(s) with individual temperature controls.
2) Adjustable temp. control with auto shut-off to prevent overheating.
3) Built-in dehumidifier (Desiccant Rotor) for humidity reduction.
4) Optimized air-flow control design for drying efficiency.
5) Rust-resistant stainless steel for all contact points of rollers, hangers, chamber interior.
6) Quick & Easy detaching roller housing via provided hand cart allows for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
1) Motor: Servo Motor – Adjustable speed control
2) Exchangeable Blade Head for different cut width and material type.
3) EPC (Edge Position Controller) automatically prevents uneven edge cuts.
4) Powder Clutch for continual tension of split material.
5) Blade Type: Rotary Ring Knife (Tempered steel w. Special coating, Rockwell Hardness: HRC59~60)
1) Slip type winder ensures even roll-ups for all individual reels.
2) Pitch-divide guide roller for correct alignment during wind-up.
3) Tension controller for uniform tension during wind-up.

– THIS IS HIGHLY CUSTOMISED EQUIPMENT. (Please contact us for details)