The Reel to Card Laminator, LAI series is a line of fully-automated systems for automatically laminating single to multiple materials (membrane, conjugate / sample / absorbent pads, and cover tape in roll form) onto the automatically fed plastic backing in roll form.

The alignment fixtures accurately guide and position each material one by one for precise lamination. Then the plastic backing with all laminated materials is cut into preset card length to produce finished master card where they are stacked into a tray to finalize the process

The entire process from start to finish is carried out in a non-stop continuous mode for the ultimate production efficiency. By requiring virtually no assembly workers and their mis-handling of materials, the system not only ensures optimal quality control, but also maximizes throughput while minimizing material waste saving time and money.

Variety of standard and customized systems are available that laminate from single to multiple materials to suit various and specific production needs.

*The top safety enclosure shown in the image is an optional item.



  • Benefits of R2C automatic and hands-free process:- Ultimate in throughput- Minimal required labor- Minimal material loss- Contamination-free


  • Touch screen panel allows for easy set-up and operation.
  • Simple & easy adjustment settings of cutting points between each card.
  • Quick & easy removal of blades allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.


  • Exceptional lamination accuracy (tolerance±0.2mm) ensures quality.
  • Built-in micrometers for precise fine-tuning of lamination position.
  • Specially coated blades for improved lifespan.
  • Built-in Laminating Pressure Controller for improved laminating operation.
  • Built-in Tension Controller for regulated roll feed tension.
  • Feeding Method: Automatic (Roll type)
  • Capacity : 800 ~ 1200 cards/hour (Based on card cut length of 300mm)
  • Lamination Tolerance : Less than 0.2 mm (Material irregularity not included)
  • Dimension : About 2400 ~ 3000(L) × 700(W) × 1600(H) mm
  • Weight : About 320~350 Kg
  • Power : 110 or 220VAC, 1P, 50/60Hz
  • Current : 0.5KVA, 5A
  • Backing Card Roll Width  : 50~100 mm
  • Backing Card Roll OD : Max. 400 mm
  • Membrane Width : Min. 5 mm
  • Membrane Roll OD : Max. 200 mm
  • Absorbent Pad Width : 15~36 mm
  • Absorbent Pad Roll OD : Max. 500 mm
  • Conjugate Pad Width : Max. 25 mm
  • Conjugate Pad Roll OD : Max. 300 mm
  • Sample Pad Width : Max. 15~36 mm
  • Sample Pad Roll OD : Max. 500 mm