Description :

Clamshell Laminator is a simple manually-operated unit designed to laminate various types of test materials. The unit works by an operator manually placing the laminating materials onto the top and bottom vacuum jig platen and closing them together for easy yet accurate lamination.

2 Version Available :

For Immunoassay Production: LCC-100
(Single to multiple pre-cut strip forms of NC Membrane, sample/conjugate/absorbent pads and etc. onto a backing card)

For Glucose Assay Production: LSC-100
(Spacer, double-side adhesive, and/or cover film onto a printed base sheet)

  • Low cost and hassle-free
  • Precise alignment fixtures for accurate lamination
  • Additional jig plates can be optioned to handle different material sizes
  • Virtually no set-up or maintenance is required.
  • All operation is run by air only. No power required. (LSC-100 excluded)
  • Compact, lightweight, and low-noise makes it ideal for any work environment
  • Materials Loading Method: Manual
  • Lamination Tolerance : Less than 0.2 mm (Material irregularity not included)
  • Dimensions : (Approx.) 420 (L) x 350 (W) x 220 (H) mm
  • Weight : (Approx.) 15 kg.
  • Power : Not Necessary
  • Air Requirement : 5~6 kgf/㎠, Clean Air