DSG-025 is a precision reagent dispensing system specifically developed for production efficiency and throughput. This custom solution can be made to fit from 1 to 25 or more dispensing channels (as per customer’s requirement) for simultaneous dispensing onto printed glucose sheets.

  • Multi-channel lines for the ultimate dispensing production efficiency and throughput.
  • Programmable touch screen panel allows for easy setup and operation
  • Dispensing selection of line or dot
  • Dispensing lines of single to multiple lines can be selected for flexibility of operations
  • Reversible pump allows for easy functions for purging, cleaning, and reclaiming
  • Micrometer for fine-adjustment of space between dispensing lines and tip height
  • Adjustable dispensing volume (total and per cm) and bed feeding speed
  • Equipped with advanced precision robotic conveyance system
  • Separate pumps per channel ensure accurate dispensing vol., easier control and higher stability.
  • Tip cleaning function to upkeep dispensing accuracy